Sunday, January 11, 2015

WATER BALL- Walk on Water from RM19 now!

Here is Taman Tasik Titi Wangsa
Weekend again and got nothing to do? Why not trying up something new?

Nice place to carry out water sports activities

Nah, here is the topic of the day, the WATER BALLL!

Unexs Enterprise founded in the year 2011 by an enterpreuner Mr. Ahmad Farhan Bin Hazad. Since 2 years back he had done some research and surveys in what are the activities that most family members and friend can do while hanging out together during their leisure time. Knowing that there are many activities out there, he decided to focused on a DIFFERENT, UNIQUE, a bit EXCLUSIVE and to a SUPERB EXPERIENCE in peoples lifetime.

Besides, they provide sales or rental fun games and activity to you. Especially for Corporate Family Day, Schools/University Open Day, Group Gathering, FunFair, Chalet or Resort Owner, Team Building Management, Outdoor Beach Activity Entrepreneurs, and also Amusement Water Theme Park.

James Ng Kun Tek with his ball

I don't know why but it reminds me of Super Saiyan spaceship in Dragon Ball cartoon

Super Saiyan is invading the earth!

Tasik Titi Wangsa is definately a nice place for family members to hang out togetner

We are one step nearer to the nature

One step nearer to the wild life

All you need is just some WILL and some GUTS to play!

Ideal for lovely couple too

Water Ball, Water Orb, Hamster Ball? As you wish...

Participants must remove any sharp items that may puncture the water ball prior to session

WATER BALL can be inflated in under a minute with a good air pump

The sky the limit

Looking at the neighbouring Elean Woo

Experience walking (or crawling) on water from the inside of an inflatable ball

Each session will take about 10 till 15 minutes

Just for your info. A water ball is an inflatable ball used for fun water activities, lets you experience walking on water, and is a safe way to play catch with your pet shark. Today’s Groupon promotes bonding with a water ball activity at UNEXS Enterprise, valid at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Super Saiyan Ng Kun Tek reaching the earth

Ready to come out

I'm welcome by fresh cooling breeze

Oh, i'm craving for a fresh cooling air badly!

The Water Ball seems like too small for a BIG hunk like me!

Participants must be physically fit and confident in open water, i'm sure i fufill the requirment!

You should try Water Orbing at least once in your lifetime. More than that is more than enough!
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