Tuesday, December 30, 2014

El Cerdo- Best Pork Restaurant & Spanish Food. Oink! Oink!

El Cerdo is located in K.L most happening street which is in Changkat

While waiting to be seated

Mona lisa smile, Oink Oink Oink!

Our table, nice and tidy

Use a plate, make a wish and throw into the bucket

The signature, El Cerdo

Any part of the piggy

Operation hour: 12.00pm~2.30pm, 6.00pm~11.00pm (Saturday available for dinner session only)

Pig? or a Hog maybe?

Good place for a fine dining as well

'Pig' can be seen everywhere, every corner

Sometimes too many options is no option

Crowded even on weekdays

Here comes the best suckling pig in town

Cut a pig with a plate?

Here you go!


Now smash the plates into the wooden pail

A place that is famous for plate breaking that will shoo your badluck away

The side dish

A place to die for if you are pork lover

How many pigs can you see?

Lorentz Yew, with Potato ball or potato dumpling? i don't know

The face shows everything

Enjoying looking at the food

A Birthday treat

Happy Birthday, Lorentz Yew!

Make a wish, after throwing the plates

James Ng Kun Tek & Lorentz yew

Complimentary from El Cerdo, for birthday boy

Another 'Must try', the Pork Knuckle

Lovely couple, i mean the pigs

Visit http://elcerdokl.com/ for more info

Sweeten your big day, sweeten my heart!

Dinner? Dessert? Wine?
This will be the best combination if you do have a nice environment to enjoy with it!

My dear brought me to this Grand Hyatt hotel...hurray!
Of course, cannot miss this baby...