Thursday, January 29, 2015

Log Sawadee Restaurant (乐沙华帝泰国餐厅)- middle of nowhere in Cheras

So, this is some random Thai Restaurant that is located in the middle of nowhere in Cheras while A Wet or Ahroy Thai restaurant are also located in Cheras too.
A Significant Signboard that you will see at Jalan Semerah Padi

The main Entrance
There are ambient parking lot available as you can see
Log Sawadee Thai Restaurant, from one of the best angle
Fresh seafood availbility
Sawaadee kap!
Nice 'outdoor feel' interior design
Just my personal preferences on the environment on how a Thai Restaurant can attract people easily. :) A special dining atmosphere like this, where you can enjoy your meal in an adventure places, feel like you are the land of Siam, enjoying the wonder of nature
Their own pond where they rare the fishes so you can have fresh fishes :) the environment is just perfect!
Can't wait to order as i'm flipping the menu
While waiting the dinner to be served
Oh you can never escape this whenever you are in a Thai Restaurant! This Pandan Chicken and its heaven! The fried chicken that wrap with Pandan Leaf. With the strong fragrance of the Pandan Leaf makes you go for more! So addictive!
Try the original bite before you dip into the sauce! :) RM 3 each!
Thai food is not Thai enough without Tomyam seafood!
Thai Fish Cake (Tod Mun Pla Gry) This is another one popular Thai menu

Fried Sotong aka Plar Med Thod
Siam Style Steamed Fish or Plar Nin Neung Manao in Thai. Tilapia fish. Such fresh meat and such big sizes of fish only cost about RM 35+
Here we go!
Beers always serve well with Thai food
Group Photo after dinner, before leaving
Restaurant Info:
Address: 8A-7-1, Kampung Cheras Baru, Lot 1875, Jalan Kuari,  Cheras Klang Valley 56100 KL 
GPS: 3.1073414 , 101.74874 
Phone: 012 398 8959 
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Rating: 7.5/10