Sunday, January 25, 2015

1600 Pandas- World Tour in Malaysia, last stop at Publika!

1,600 Pandas have finally reached PUBLIKA, Solaris Dutamas, KL!
For those who didn’t know about the origin of this pandas, it is created by Paulo Grangeon. He worked with WWF to start the project as the “1600 Panda” conversation exhibition world tour since 2008
To create the 1600 pandas, they hired a team of women in Thailand and the pandas are made with 3mm paper and glued with cooked rice glue
These Pandas are very de CUTE!
Come over to the Info Zone, with a fee of RM10, you can take photos with all the Pandas!
SELFIE can be seen, anytime anywhere
Postcard about 1600 panda world tour malaysia
People queing for Photo Session with the 1,600 Pandas
Why is 1600 PANDAS? Only if you know how to read!
And these are the paper pandas that come with diffrent theme
Remember, only as little as 1600 Pandas to be left in the world
It's me, James Ng Kun Tek with 1,600 Pandas!
Now you can see there are 1,601 Pandas
Hug Hug Zone?
Yup, it's just for you to hug the baby Pandas
Cute baby Pandas, who can resist?
Now you see
Now you don't!
Be mindful of the Pandas Invasion time, it's from 10.00~22.00. Daily from 13th to 15th January 2015 in PUBLIKA!
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