Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 New Year Dinner, guess what?

Citarasa Seafood Market Steamboat @ NSK Trade City

It's always not a good idea to go shopping mall on public holiday

Fried food instead of just steamboat alone

Fish, fresh from the sea eventhough NSK @ Kuchai Lama is not near to sea

Seafood, fresh from the aquarium is more appropriate

OK, as long as they are fresh to be served

Pre packed seafood for convenience purpose

Seaweed, Baby Cuttle Fish, Garlic Shell Meat and... what;s that?

They were sold in 'package' also

Do shopping before eating

The real 'Seafood Market' in the city

Promotional set for RM9.90 only per pax!

Black wok for steamboat look rugged to me

I'm more comfortable to use this

I've done my seafood shopping

Nah, incase you didn't see clearly

OK, i admit i was feeling unwell

D.I.Y Seafood Mee

'Snow Fish' direct translated from Chinese

Yeah, we are almost done

Add on order list, Salmon

Remember to take few of this card before you go for your seafood shopping, to indicate your table number

The 'Order List'

This sugarcane juice also freshly made from the sugarcane on the spot. I saw it, i swear!

The Condiments, choose your preference

What a mess! It's not my table, you know it

And this is the damage, for 2!