Saturday, January 3, 2015

VCR that is not a Video Cassette Recorder

This is best-seller – “King”, a banana layered cake, with chocolate and peanut butter frosting. The cakes are very good, not overly sweet and full of flavour.

And this the famous Quiche, not bad also

Drinking coffee now is a lifestyle, in this new era

We do not consume coffee as a mere beverage anymore

Coffee with family and friends

Instead of large gulps, we sip and savour now. Bitter? or Sour?

I love the ‘old house converted to a shoplot’ concept.

Ideal place to rest and relax, while enjoying your coffee

STAFF access only. Phesers have been set to "KILL"

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels, and here you’ll enjoy a more serene view.

An artificial mini outdoor garden

Good Coffee, Great Environment

There are a variety of cheese cakes such as the raspberry, blueberry and lemon curd cheese cakes, and not forgetting, the occasional lemon poppy seed and chocolate apricot.

Coffee and solitude, over work. Why not?

VCR is located at No 2, Jalan Galloway, off Jalan Pudu and it opens daily from 8am until 11pm.