Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mũi Né- The only 'Desert in S.E.A, Desert at beach'

Tell me, who would expect a desert in Vietnam?

Elean, with her barefoot to feel the desert better

i don't know why, somehow this photo look mysterious to me

Now you see

Tips 1: To cover your eyes when the wind blows

Tips 2: To remove your shoes so that you can walk better

On the other side, slow and steady, relax also

This is me, James Ng Kun Tek

Tips 3: Cover your mouth as well when the necessity arises

Elean, look like Saudi Arabian

Did you see the Oasis?

Does she look better without covering her face? i doubt. Lol

Long way to go......

Be brave to take the first step because this small step will make BIG difference

Tips 4: Alcoholic drink for extra fun and excitement

Tips 5: Use flash under strong backlight condition if you don't want to look like Obama

Happy or excited?

Desert without Camel and Cactus

Nice photo, behind the scene

Strong wind... i can feel it!

Look at the trees if you don't believe me

The golden desert

Desert at the beach, as i mentioned

GO AHEAD! Counting every steps behing will just make your journey longer
And these are the only 'Cactus' i can see