Sunday, November 13, 2016

SaufiVille a boutique resort 1860ft above sea level~ The Best you can have @ Janda Baik!

Saufiville is a boutique resort in Janda Baik sits on 1860 feet above sea level on 12 acres compound, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, fresh and cool air combine with lush greenery jungles. The resort is just a 45 minutes’ drive from the hustle and bustle of city life of Kuala Lumpur.
Set in soft lightings and furnished with modern conveniences, all rooms are cozy, quiet and lovely, making it one of the ideal places in Kampung Chemperuh, Janda Baik Bukit Tinggi for rest and relaxation. Guests can choose from among the resort’s 6 selections of rooms and 13 dormitories – each as clean and comfortable as the rest.
With an average temperatures ranging between 23 to 30 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy the cool air, refreshing environment that makes you feel good and relax. You will be welcomed with the exotic river view. The river flowing beside the resort is one of the real beauty scenery you would rarely find.
Apart from it, you can feel the difference when you are woken up with the sweet rhymes of the birds singing and the fresh cool air which gets into your lungs for a pleasant day ahead. The serene beauty of the jungles invites you to explore and embrace the freshness which tempts you for more.

Directions by car
Take Karak highway from Kuala Lumpur, exit after tunnel at Genting Sempah/ Janda Baik. After passing through the under tunnel of Genting Sempah, you will see a Janda Baik road sign on your left. The mountain cliff is similar to Cameron Highlands. Along the way, you will find yourself have indulged into the old traditional Malay Kampung feel. Approximately 20 minutes’ drive along the cliff, you will reach Saufiville Boutique Resort.

Saufiville Resort @ Janda Baik

Kampung Chemperuh Janda Baik, Malaysia
TEL: +60 17-607 6691