Sunday, November 13, 2016

PS150 KL 茨廠街~ Nostalgia for the Past of Petaling Street!

Located in Petaling Street aka Chinatown, what was previously a brothel is now PS150, a cocktail bar headed by famed bartender Angel Ng. PS150 may still maintain much of its pre-war building’s character, making it one of the most worthwhile visiting bar in KL. The entrance is dimly lit, and you'll have to go through a series of creaky wooden doors to finally get to the main bar area which has the theme color of red!
One thing that sets PS150 apart from other bars is its concept. The space is divided into 3 different sections, marking 3 distinct eras in the history of Indochina and cocktails. The first section is called the Opium Den that has more of a vintage look, with dim red lights and private seating booths; second is the Tiki or Post-war space where it’s an open-air courtyard that’s great for bigger groups. Step into the next room and you’ll enter the main bar area where it’s a mix of modern and old. It’s dark but romantic, and this is where all the action happens.
The cocktail menu here is divided into 5 eras: Vintage (1850s-1910s), Classic (1920s-1930s), Tiki (1940s-1960s), Disco (1970s-2000s) and Contemporary (late 2000s-present). Each of these cocktail lists features an original concoction while the classics are given a unique twist. The only drink not given the PS150 treatment is Hanky-Panky, which is served as homage to Ada Coleman, its iconic creator.
Why PS150? Simply because it represents ‘Petaling Street’ @ No.150 as per PS150 billing address!

No.150 Ground Floor, Jalan Petaling, City Center, 50000 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
TEL: +60 3-2022 2888
BUSINESS HOUR: 1800 - 0200 (Monday closed)