Monday, December 15, 2014

A random short tour in The BANJARAN HOTSPRING IPOH

It supposed to be a 3 families fun gathering, staying 2 days 1 night in Banjaran Hotspring but it ends up become an one hour tour in BANJARAN HOTSPRING due to the T&C children under 12 are not allowed in the retreat sanctuary.

A fountain vase to welcome the guest. Guess it must have something to do with fengshui from Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah. 

Yes, children below 12 are not allowed to enter the premises due to the security reason. And most importantly is to ensure the guests enjoy the truely luxury wellness retreat!

The whole area is surrounded by beautiful limestones, providing a perfect 360 degree of photography angle.

Taking photo, for non-stop! Especially for first timer.

And here is Elean Woo, with her cool Sun-glasses.

Elean with her long legs, only in this photo.

Walking around, taking photo around, in a sunny day.

A pond of boiling water, no joke!

Elean Woo and her reflection, or there are 2 Elean Woo?

The BANJARAN offers award winning full-service spa treatment.

After exploring around the hotspring area, we proceed into the cave.

The ultimate 'Aunties' group. They enjoy so much even it's just a short tour.

Kung Fu Panda or Batman in the cave?

Now you see, make sure you bring nice camera with flash.

Nice view and nice smile taken with nice camera makes perfect photo.

My cousin likes to post, but we need a model like her in some circumtances.

Pattern more than badminton

Chubby Elean

There is only green, besides green. A heaven on earth

Only if superman can fly. Obviously this is not superman by looking at the upsidedown logo

Jacuzzi facilities for the guests, enjoy it as mush as you can

Heaven on earth, or maybe earth on heaven?

Make yourself at home, in the GARDEN VILLA, BANJARAN HOTSPRING 

This is how you look like when you got your own private dipping pool

A nice cool white G-Shock from me, looks cool on her wrist

Like mother, like daughter 


It's still not officially opened to the public but since I'm the VIP, they have to break the rule one time :p Follow me!

This is where Tan Sri will serve his guest as Karaoke room, dining hall, cellar and many more...

Classic romantic place to hang around 

All the way to the golden tunnel 

The is the real JEFF'S CELLAR. Too bad we don't have the key. For more info please visit

I'm sure Elean likes this place. Who doesn't btw

The owning is to prevent water dipping onto the deck when there's downpour 

Stunning? Amazing? It's just a viewing pleasure looking at the dipping water

I bet you can't find a better place than this for a dine and wine!

Cheers! Her face has shown you how much she loves this place. Red face without red wine!

Elean Woo, taking photo around

Elean Woo, in JEFF'S CELLAR

No doubt, JEFF'S CELLAR provides the most sensational, unique and best dining experience as they claim 


A satifying face after visiting JEFF'S CELLAR. Remember no kids allowed in the premises if you do not want your vacation ends up 'potong stim' like us. So plan it properly and appropriately.