Friday, December 12, 2014

SEKINCHAN- Paddy Field in a Fishing Village, or the other way round?

Raining day! 
Woke up at 7am.....
This is a weekend, By The Way!
Well, just think out of my brain and wana bring my B, to Sekinchan!
I hope he is really excited, but we do really enjoy that day!

1st stop! J inspiration again!
Camera Model: Leica X
Theme: Sexy ass maybe?
Location: Padi field
Memories: Sunny day with couple JTI jersey....

No doubt, another camera man: E inspiration times!
Camera Model: Olympus 
Models: Playful Boyfriend
Location: Longkang maybe? Haha...
Memories: Capture all his playful moment....

Camera Model: Olympus
Weather: Cloudy
Mood: Forseeing, expectation and happiness
Message: This gonna be long long way to go......with full of joy and fun as well as our happiness..

Model: Cool boyfriend
Background: Golden Padi festive
Camera Model: Olympus
His Toy: Leica
Theme: 阳光男孩出外去!

Camera Model: Olympus
Theme: 可爱的小太阳
Location: Gold and wide Padi field
Mood: 扮可爱?
His Toy: Rayban

Theme: Spoty JTI Jersey outing with Padi
Camera Man: A bunch of cute aunties with a lot of candid angles
Camera Model: Olympus
Location: Padi factory

Theme: Life is peace, is just the matter of u do or Not.
Location: The wishing trees at beach side
Resting: Swinging bed
Weather: Windy and cloudy

Theme: Coupling
Location: The couple lovely swinging bed
Object: Sexy legs

Theme: The laughter from a fisher life
Location: A wooden house above the tree
Models: Fisher's kids and Babe E
Camera Model: Olympus

Theme: World without the "I" family, but we still can have fun.
Model: Playful girl maybe?
Location: The swing under the trees


Eventhough waited for 1hour plus just for the seafood, but is really worth!
We order the fish, prawn, and our favourite elephant bang...hehe
Is soooo juicy...

Last but not least, the final post for the day!
Thanks for being with me all the time, thanks forgiving me and accompany all the time when I need u the most...
Credit to: Babe J

Babe E