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Tanjung Sepat- What can you do in just one day?

黄金棕榈海上度假屋Avani Sepang Gold Coast is a Must-visit
It's weekend again! Still thinking how to spend your weekend and where to go? Tanjung Sepat will be a good choice then. Have a nice weekend ahead!
Lucky the sea water is not in blue or turquoise colour. Otherwise the resorts in Maldives have to go bankrupt
A swing that enough for you to spend half a day, or at least couple of hour
Sepoi-Sepoi Cafe, Golden Palm Tree Resort. No idea what's good but the atmosphere really awesome!
My limited edition G-Shock Rangeman, firstly fully charged due to the fine sunny weather.
Creepy or Cute? Small Mini Crab
Children go for them
And they remind me of my childhood
金龙木薯厂, Arowana Malayan Food Industries Sdn Bhd is a tidbits manufacturer, local crop like cassava, banana, pumpkin, onion etc are the main materials used, hence, we can say that the tidbits selling here are 100% local from Malaysia
You can find Tapioca flavored with curry, spicy, etc and original. If you have the difficulties on making shopping decision, no worry, sample of each of the products are well prepared
Address:Lot 2926, Kg. Tumbuk Darat, 42800 Tanjung Sepat, Selangor.
Contact:03-31972888 / 019-278 3889 (涂明文Toh Min Boon)
Operation hour:8am-6.30pm
Tanjung Sepat lover bridge, if not here then where?
The famous icon of the town is the Lover's Bridge (情人桥) which is actually a jetty but why the local called it a bridge? I reckon the reason is lost in translation. Tanjung Sepat Lover's Bridge - starts with concrete but if you go further the rest of jetty made of wood,  which span 100m across the Strait of Malacca (Melaka).
Like the rest of the world, the jetty purpose is for the fishing boat anchored to the jetty and bring in the day's catch.
This is the Lover's Bridge which is very long for the fishermen to get to their boat.  Didn't meet any fishermen today.
Why Lover's Bridge? Some says that it happened a long time ago when the fishermen embarking on a fishing trip, their wives will accompany them to the jetty to bid them farewell and wish them a safe return of them. As the ship sails and their spouse stand watching till the ship fades on the horizon. Later that evening often their partners patiently waiting for the boats to return with their catch. The two stopped at the jetty and watch the sun say goodbye to yet another lovely day.
Walking across the mud to the sea, Challenge accepted!
What's this guy doing?
This guy is putting baits for fisging purpose
I always believe that you have to pay for every nice photo you took

My second visit to Ganofarm.  GanoFarm Sdn Bhd.  GanoFarm is a mushroom business place and has been in business for more than 25 years. They are one of the leading companies in mushroom products in Malaysia.  There are many types of mushroom here such as the expensive Ling Zhi Mushroom but with a lot of health benefits, the Abalone Mushroom which we eat with steamboat, Monkey Head Mushroom and Black Jelly Mushroom.

GANOFARM SDN. BHD. Lot 700, Jalan Laut Membiru,
Taman Pelangi,
42800 Tanjung Sepat,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone number : 6-03-31975600
Fax number : 6-03-31975717


A tatste of fresh roasted coffee in Tanjung Sepat, why not?
Coffee Bean. They cultivate and roast their own coffee
Hai Yew Heng is established more than 40 years in Tanjung Sepat and famous for its traditional home made Hainanese buns. The quality of buns are persistently maintained with the enthusiasm of this traditional recipe by the owner. Amongst the the three original fillings and the three newly-developed fillings, the succulent pork buns and Mui Choy bun are the best selling products.
 Hai Yew Heng
  405, Jalan Pasar,
  42800 Tg. Sepat,
  Kuala Langat, Selangor D.E.
  Tel: +6012-272 9009 / +603-3197 4144
Lady workers busy making the bun right in the shop. Not only fresh from the steamer but fresh from their hands as well!
Mui Choy Bao that cost RM2.00. Hai Yew Heng shop actually sells five types of filling. Got Mui Choy Pau which is preserved vegetable, Pork Meat Pau,Red Bean Paste Pau, Kaya Pau, Vegetable Pau and Peanut Pau.  They also sell Loh Mai Kai (glutinous rice with chicken) but we came here for the pau.
Ow, that's my friend!
Seashell at the seashore is now for sale

The deco reminds me of CNY

They said Tanjung Sepat (情人橋) collapsed on 25th June 2013
A little colourful rubbish makes the photo look better
Opphhhs, hahaha. No comment

Meet the old boy, Ng Kun Tek!
The little children on the bicycle, all the way from Armenian Street Penang to Tanjung Sepat. Lol
There are 3 in one options of what you can do here, you can buy gifts for relatives and friends, a short tour to the Museum alike object and taking delightful photo sessions outdoor with plenty of props that create a beautiful natural scenery, especially now with the CNY deco! Bravo to the owner, this is a great marketing strategy that attract more and more visitors to Tanjung Sepat and his shop.

Qingren Qiao Local Product Shop
No. 25-A, Jalan Senangin, Taman Tanjong
42800 Tanjung Sepat
I am Justice Pao the one who has many cases to oversee and stood up against corruption
Tanjung Sepat seafood!
Dinner time at Lover Bridge Restaurant. Most awaited moment in a trip
My favourite!
Everybody loves Fried Squid, who don't?
Ang Zho, Teow Chew steamed!
Crab, fried with salted egg
Not expensive but i won't say it's cheap
43B, Jalan Tepi Laut,
Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat,
Morib Beach, another must come attraction whenever you visit Tanjung Sepat
The famous Pantai Morib Beach
Morib was formerly a popular beach located in Selangor, Malaysia. Morib Beach (Pantai Morib) is a quiet seaside tourist attraction which is historically noted for being one of the first landing points on the west coast for the British and Indian Army liberation forces during end of World War II in 1945

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