Sunday, October 8, 2017

十八丁 Kuala Sepetang @ Taiping, Perak~ Not just a Fishing Village!

Kuala Sepetang ( 十八丁),  previously known as Port Weld; named after former Governor, Frederick Weld; It's a fishing village located along the Sepetang river connected to the sea, this area periodic fresh and saltwater inundation suitable for mangrove trees hence provided rich ecosystem and important breeding ground for marine animals . It's about 18km from Taiping town and driving normally took about half an hour. Along the way to Kuala Sepetang you can saw mangrove trees along the road (it’s actually Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve). Kuala Sepetang also famous for its charcoal make from mangrove trees, most of the high quality charcoal is exported to Japan. 
Now Sepetang has become one of the most famous tourism hotspot in Perak, with more and more homestay mushrooming to cater the overwhelming demand. There are few restaurants that serve local famous food and drinks such as curry mee, asam laksa, Hor Ga Sai and Sai Ga Hor (mixture or Milo, Coffee and Tea) that you must try!