Saturday, May 9, 2015

KITCHEN ART BRASSERIE @ Empire Hotel Subang, The One and Only Halal Brasserie in Malaysia!

Your gastronomic adventure stats in an endless parade of colours, textures and flavours from everywhere, artistically fused together for an unforgettable multicultural experience. Here is a lively and trendly all-day with a'la carte and buffet selection that will please even the most ardent gastronome. Blending seamlessly with the uber cool Shout Lounge, featuring expansive windows and a magnificantly flowing ceiling, it is a guaranteed knockout experience with food for thought and feasts for the eyes, surely an irresistible proposition that is music to the ears.

Kitchen Art Brasserie is located at Level 2 of Empire Hotel Subang

For reservations please call 03-5565 1228
 email at
Roasted Chicken and Steamed Chicken, served with chicken Rice as well
Beef Rendang
East Coat Food, Nasi Dagang. I'm surprised!
Chicken Satay
Followed by Beef Satay, it's a Universal law
Ms. Looi Chooi Foon enjoying her food. Look at her face!
Chang Bi Kian, Vivian Wong, and Elean Woo
Roasted Lamb, Nom Nom Nom...
My Simple yet Healthy Lunch
Tropical Fruit Queen
Good Food Variety
Chang Bi Kian aka CBK shows you how to make a Nice Rojak
Rojak King Chang Bi Kian in Action!
Looks Good, Sounds Good, but edible or not is another Question
Irresitable Fried Rice!
Catherine Teh with her Asam Laksa, or something like that...
Nice to see, Nice to hold, Once you've tried, you will ask for more!
Don't forget to have your Ice Kacang after your meal
Ambient Nice Natural Lighting
Time to say Goodbye, i like my tanned skin
Empire Hotel, Throne 1
Last but not least, it's me James Ng Kun Tek and Chris Lau Chun Jiun