Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Batu Sebelas, Cheras? Now, how often do I venture to this part of the town if not because of work (Kajang OX)? Hardly I would say. It's so happened that I had some 'Operasi' to attend, to which brought me and my colleugue here. As I was driving pass this busy little village, I saw an unassuming shack with a drive of people sitting beneath it eating away. Since it was lunch hour, me and Maxson decided to check out the place. Who knows, we might be lucky to unearth some good stuff? After a few turns, I finally managed to get a parking across the stall. Parking here is rather nasty because of the wet market nearby, so be warned!

I was greeted by a stall hanging with all sorts of salivating meat ranging from roast chicken, roast duck, poached chicken, roast pork and strips of tasty looking char siew. Without further delay I took my seat and ordered away.

Thanks Maxson for the brunch!

Char Siew @ RM 17.00 ~ This looks good from rack of the stall to which I ordered 1 strip

Roast Duck Rice @ RM 4.80 ~ I went for the duck breast part and it was pretty ok even though it looked more like braised pork to me. The meat was succulent and full of the ducky aroma. My only gripe is the overly dark skin which wasn’t crispy and lacked of flavor. The accompanying sauce was a tad too sweet for my liking

Restoran Chee Xiang (吉祥烧腊)
205, Main Road Kanan, Jalan Kampung Baru, Cheras
Mobile – 012-614 5119