Monday, June 26, 2017

Trail up BUKIT KUTU with Friends!


It starts off easy on a natural trail until you reach the river with a broken bridge. Part of the bridge is still afloat so you walk on that metal structure. Another river awaits where you remove your shoes to wade across.

The water is cooling and it reminds me of childhood trips to waterfalls. Don’t bother folding your hiking pants up because you’ll find out later that earth will soil them worse than water will. It goes uphill from here, with tree roots forming stairs and bamboo plants criss-crossing the trail, which you either go under or above.

The ascent continues until a rock structure called Batu Tedung where hikers usually take a short rest before continuing. The structure is said to resemble the head of a cobra but after two hours of an uphill climb, I am too tired to notice.


The air gets colder after the rock structure and the ascent is more gradual. But with tired feet, it is still another two hours before we reach the top.

A hike seems never-ending when you are tired, but hiking is nothing if not to sharpen your mental agility and resilience to deal with difficulty and see it through. We reach the peak four hours after we start. There are two rocks near the summit with ladders tied to them if you want to stand on the highest point. Some people climb up. I didn’t because I am afraid of climbing such heights.


Bukit Kutu

Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor

HEIGHT: 1,053m


DURATION: Four-hour ascent, three-hour descent (speed varies according to hiker’s endurance level and soil condition)

RECOMMENDED STARTING TIME: As soon as the sun rises. Spare time for delays, especially if you are hiking in a big group. You should reach the river latest by 6pm, before it gets dark.

NECESSITIES: Two liters of water,

First aid kit for cuts and blisters, small chocolate bars for quick energy, packed lunch, hiking pole, hiking shoe with good traction, wet wipes.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Difficult for a beginner, average for a regular hiker. Some people come here every weekend. Once acquainted with the trails, the ascent and descent will be more manageable.