Thursday, October 6, 2016

DANCING FISH @ Bangsar Shopping Centre~ The best Malay-Indo Cuisine that you can't miss!

‘Dancing Fish’ might seem an interesting name for a restaurant, but expect serious food at this serene, elegant eatery. Situated in the far end of the revived Bangsar Shopping Centre, the restaurant offers fiery Malay-Indo cuisines in a fine-dining setting. Having the attractive name, Dancing Fish seemed to be a promising candidate which win over many hearts and of course mine too and also it is a subsidiary restaurant for well-known Thai Fine Dining Restaurant RAMA V!
Suitably entrancing but – not over the top setting, a menu adorned with the timeless Indonesian classics and on the money address, it is quite reasonable and Dancing Fish has everything going on it. Dancing Fish, of course is the highlight of the overall meal – which the restaurant naming after it. Fresh from the tank; the Tilapia fish is being deep fried till golden prawn with the graceful dancing position. Served together with the Sambal Terasi and Kicap. The fish comes with the complete crispiness and retains its juiciness in it. With the technique of deep frying the fish comes so crispy where the bones can be eaten too. It is good to enjoy them with the restaurant’s nasi kuning berempah for a hearty meal.

Dancing Fish Restaurant
Lot T120, 121 & 122, 285, Jalan Maarof, 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +6 03 2095 6663
BUSINESS HOURS: 1130 – 2300