Sunday, February 14, 2016

WAT MAI SUWANKIRI 迈苏旺基里佛寺(龙船寺)~ The Most Stunning Dragon Boat Temple in Malaysia!

Wat Mai Suwankiri (locals refer to the temple as Wat Mai) is probably one of the more picturesque and elaborate temple in Kelantan. Info extracted  from a plague at the temple grounds ‘the original temple is said to have been constructed 400 year ago by expert craftsman from Thailand, the present day structure was built at a cost of RM300,000 with funds coming from public donations and the Buddhist associations of Malaysia and Thailand. An object shaped like a dragon boat decorated the inside of the temple, thus earning it its nickname Ketik Perahu Naga (dragon boat temple). The design is Thai, which is hardly surprising given the area’s proximity to Thailand.

Wat Mai Suwankiri
Address: Kampung Bukit Tanah, Jalan Tumpat, Tumpat, Kelantan
TEL: 09-725 7673