Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spa & Wellness Centre @ The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat~ Best Massage Ever!

The Banjaran’s Spa and Wellness Centre offers different consultations with a variety of readings and assessments to cater to the needs of guests. The Wellness Consultation is a 30-minute session which involves assessing a guest’s lifestyle before designing a treatment that will work best.
The Consultation consists of a holistic assessment of health, functions of body systems as well as total wellbeing in terms of a guest’s physical, mental and emotional health status. This also includes Fitness Consultation.
Emphasizing natural therapies, the wellness retreat also provides Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Consultation and Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation, using well-established Chinese and Indian diagnosis and analysis of the body’s well-being. Deeply rooted in culture and traditions, the retreat offers traditional massages of the Malaysian culture.
Massage therapy is aimed at being preventive and restorative; aiding in relaxation, relieving tensed and sore muscles, improving circulation and assisting in restoring balance to the body system.
The Banjaran Signature Massage combines a rich tapestry of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, bringing together the therapeutic and healing effects of their massage therapies. This 90-minute fusion of Eastern massage treatments covers the head to the toes, commencing with an Indian head massage, followed by the Urut Traditional Malay body massage and concludes with Chinese Pressure Point Foot Therapy. 
Deriving its technique from the Ayurvedic Science of Life which is a 5,000-year old Indian healing system of the body, mind and spirit, the head massage in The Banjaran Signature Massage uses warm medicinal herbal oil that is slowly trickled over the third eye chakra or forehead, to relieve tension and transport one into a zone of complete relaxation. It is also beneficial in reducing migraines and headaches. 
From the head to the body, the Traditional Malay Urut, a Malaysian massage technique designed to combine stretching, stepping, long kneading strokes and pressure with slow, flowing techniques of lymphatic manual drainage, is used to assist in the improvement of lymphatic circulation and enhancing the immune system.
The Malay Urut technique is a method passed down from one generation to the next, including the recipe for its distinctive herbal massage oil prepared by boiling palm oil with herbs and spices containing warming and detoxifying properties.
The Signature massage ends with the Chinese Pressure Point Foot Therapy. A practice which is over 1,000 years old and recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach to health with an emphasis on prevention.  Guided by the principle of achieving balance and harmony throughout the body, the Pressure Point Foot Therapy allows the therapist to diagnose problem areas which affect overall body functions and well-being.
The foot massage at the end of the treatment therefore, promotes balance by applying pressure on key points on the soles of the feet and opens the body’s meridians to relax, ease stress and tension, improve circulation and help release toxins.
The Spa and Wellness Centre at The Banjaran also features a range of other treatments inclusive of facials, body treatments, Personalised Fitness Programmes and Retreat Programmes. All programmes take a holistic path to wellness by incorporating meals, exercise as well as spa and wellness treatments.
Retreat Programmes include Detoxification, Weight Loss, Fitness, Rejuvenation and Longevity programmes. The Spa and Wellness Centre also has tailor-made programmes available for guests who prefer a treatment customised according to their needs.
Furthermore, holistic exercise disciplines like Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi are performed on the Open Deck, overlooking a hot springs lake against the breathtaking backdrop of its natural setting. The Banjaran’s wellness programmes integrate preventive medicine and detoxification therapy along with daily access to the retreat’s distinct offerings.
Characteristic features that have been created taking advantage of its surrounding environment, each present a benefit in wellbeing in line with offering guests a truly holistic wellness experience.  These include Geothermal Hot Springs Dipping Pools, a Thermal Steam Cave, Ice Bath, Meditation Cave, Crystal Cave, Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Pool, Jungle Walk, Fitness Centre and Freeform Swimming Pool. 

No. 1 Persiaran Lagun Sunway 3, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
TEL: +60 5-210 7777