Friday, December 25, 2015

VEG FISH FARM THAI RESTAURANT @ Hulu Langat, Ampang~ into a World of Authentic Thai Cuisine and Delicacies!

It was not easy looking for Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant but if you know the famous Cheras Lookout Point then it is easy. All you do is drive past the abandoned and closed Cheras Lookout Point and you will find this unusual restaurant easy as pie. Usually there will be some cars going the same way so just follow them!
This is my third time visiting Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant. The last time I came was about 1 year ago. I met the owner, William Ng when I stepped in the restaurant at the entrance there but I can hardly recognize him because he look almost totally different because he has lost weight due to cycling!
Why ‘Veg Fish Farm’? Explained William Ng, one of the owners and son of founder Eugene Ng, "Actually 'Veg' stands for 'Vegetables' and not 'Vegetarian'!” I thought 'veg' would be short form of 'vegetables' but yes, some first timers also thought the same thing but now it is difficult to change the name as we have been here for 8 years already."
When William Ng and his father Eugene Ng claim their vegetables are farm fresh, they really mean it as they own a 4 acre vegetable farm 5 minutes’ walk away!
Grinned William Ng, "We own this land of around 8 acres. Originally my father was in the construction business and involved in earth works and heavy equipment. We rented out our vehicles and heavy machinery and when not in use, we parked them here which were very convenient as they took up a lot of space.
"As we had excess land, we used it to grow vegetables. Some 10 years ago, business slowed as most developers bought their own machinery so my father decided to branch into the food business as we are licensed importer and exporter of live seafood from Indonesia and Thailand.
"Some of our staff was Thais and they used to cook for themselves. We tasted their cooking and found it very tasty and appetizing so we decided to open this restaurant! After all, we already have the fresh vegetables nearby!"
"Almost all our cooks are Thai. When we started, we could only seat 30 people but business boomed quite fast so we expanded to 60 and 100 and now we can accommodate 800 diners."
"Many diners assume the fish they eat come from the pond which is filled with fish but no, we are not into aquaculture. We have 2 dependable suppliers. We thought of rising our own fish but it is costly and time-consuming and not a matter of throwing leftover food to feed them and then cook them!"
Having said that, William pointed to the pond where fish are kept inside enclosed nets. "These are from my suppliers and kept alive until ordered. Before we only offered tilapia, Pak Sou Kong and Soon Hock. Now we have seafood and dragon grouper. Our crabs are from Indonesia while the big blue ones are from Australia."


KM4, Jalan Ampang - Hulu Langat, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
TEL: Eugene: +6019-2606493, William: +6012-2868193
BUSINESS HOUR: 11am to Midnight, Daily