Thursday, September 24, 2015

KLUANG RailCoffee for Real Coffee & Roti~ It's a Local Motion since 1938!

There are a many coffee shops in Kluang, Johor. Look out for the signboard proclaiming in bright yellow words ‘KLUANG RailCoffee’. There’s no mistaking it because this is where all the regulars flock to. It’s a big end lot restaurant. However the seats and tables can be running out. Just be prepared to wait.
Once you are seated, ask for their signature set, which includes their coffee, half boiled eggs and the signature Roti Keping and Roti Bun. KLUANG coffee is a blend of coffee and tea with milk, what is known as ‘cham’. What sets theirs apart from the rest is the smooth, velvety taste that begins with the first sip and lasts till the last drop. It’s still a closely held secret how they manage to get a healthy froth on the top of each cup without any fancy teh tarik antics.
Their famous Roti Bun or Roti Keping is actually two pieces of freshly toasted buns smeared generously with fragrant homemade kaya and thick slabs of frozen butter. The buns are always fluffy due to the amount of brisk business they do, with a perfect crispy crust that begs to be bitten into. Therein lays the challenge: Waiting for the half-boiled eggs to be ready so that you may dunk the Roti into a creamy, yolky soup (carefully seasoned with just the right amount of soy sauce and white pepper, of course).
It’s an exquisite sort of pain, the five minutes you must endure to dip and then devour. Judging by the looks of bliss on the faces at the tables around us, It’s worth for every single cent after all.

Kluang RailCoffee, Johor20 & 21, (1st Floor & Ground Floor),
Jalan Tasik 1, Pusat Perniagaan Tasik, 86000 Kluang, Johor.
Tel: +607-773 8391
H/P: +6019-322 0072 or +6012-728 8802
or +6012-711 5435