Monday, March 9, 2015

Kunkwan (冠軍)- Can be Anyone!

Cope with the ‘Learning Fever’ of Chinese language worldwide, Kunkwan offers a comprehensive language programme to all Malaysians who are not using Chinese as their native language.

Kunkwan is the first training centre in Malaysia where the ‘interactive learning’ system is applied. Learning Chinese is made much easier and effective here because students are not only bestowed with the freedom to choose from a wide range of courses and classes, but they can also enjoy all the facilities and activities organized by our centre.

Our education facilitation officers (EFO) will look after and give assistance to our students in relation to their study and living. Kunkwan guarantees an all-rounded interactive communication and care to our students.

KunkwanizationTM is the representation of our innovative teaching pattern in which our learning programme is specially designed for Malaysian students. With reference to all successful Chinese courses offered in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China, our courses also take into account of relevant subjects such as pedagogy, psychology and linguistics as the theoretical basis of our programme.

Kunkwan Sdn Bhd
Tebrau City Residence Apartment

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